Fresh eyes, small steps, big changes

As Student Quality Ambassadors, we promote good practice and challenge standards of care within the workplace.

About the Student Quality Ambassador project

The aims of the Student Quality Ambassador project are as ambitious as they are simple. We aim to take the brightest healthcare students from across all healthcare disciplines and North West universities and provide them with the opportunity and support to role model and positively affect the quality of healthcare.

The numerous quality challenges completed, and SQA care innovations developed, have not only had a massive impact on service user and provider experience, but also fostered the development of personal leadership qualities and innovative thinking required from the healthcare leaders of the future.

We achieve our aim by:

  • Sharing best practice and contributing to innovation
  • Triangulating findings from quality measurement tools such as the Open and Honest Care reporting and Friends and Family tests which will assist to drive improvements in care
  • Forming a region-wide collaboration of HEIs and Service Providers to develop initiatives focused on promoting care and compassion within the healthcare and social sector
  • Showcasing student innovation projects within Trusts and developing an internet site where students can share their best practice across the region

What is the role of a Student Quality Ambassador (SQA) member?

The SQAs have been involved in a variety of projects to enhance patient care, such as the 15 steps toolkit, audits, mock inspections and becoming dementia friends. There is also the opportunity to develop your own ideas from what inspires you.

Our members:

Undertake practice based learning and feel empowered to champion and highlight good practice

Challenge areas of practice requiring development

Show leadership and motivation for themselves and other students, including being test subjects for innovations such as trialling the use of Standardised Numeracy Assessment Project (SNAP), Values and Behaviours assessment tools and e-learning projects etc.

Work alongside and liaise between practice areas, PEFs, HEIs, students, service users/patients and carers, other professionals

As a Student Quality Ambassador you should have a desire to champion good practice and enhance the quality of patient care.

Become a Student Quality Ambassador

If you would like to develop your own knowledge and skills around public health and wellbeing and act as a champion for others, you may want to consider becoming a Student Wellbeing Ambassador. The Student Quality Ambassador Initiative is open to all healthcare students in the North West of England and you can apply online today.

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Altcar 2019

Picture this, a beautiful sunny summer’s day in a wonderful location a stone’s throw from the beach surrounded by open spaces. Somewhere abroad you may be thinking, but no, it was our annual SQA Leadership Skills and Teambuilding Event, held as usual at Altcar Army...

SQA Celebration

We will be rewarding the best SQAs, University leads and Mentors in practice at the SQA Celebration on the 6th September. The categories are: SQA leader of the year. SQA project of the year. SQA practice mentor of the year (sponsored by PARE). The SQA University lead...

Altcar Training Camp

This two day training and development course takes place in the summer and is open to SQAs, QAs and SWAs from universities throughout the North West. Held at Altcar Training Camp, Hightown, Merseyside and supervised by the 208 Field Hospital Army Reserves, it is a...

SQA/SWA Development Day

On February 23, we held my first Development Day since starting this role. The day started with a fantastic presentation by Rachael Lambe and Ellen Soutter around end of life care and students. They brought up the point that many students feel out of their depth...

Get in touch

Please note that currently this project is only open to Healthcare students within the North West of England.

For further information on the SQA role please contact Sheila Shennan at [email protected]