Fresh eyes, small steps, big changes

As Student Quality Ambassadors, we promote good practice and challenge standards of care within the workplace.

We’re proud to have been shortlisted for the Student
Quality Ambassador (SQA) Project in the categories of
the Best Student Experience and Partnership of the Year
in the Student Nursing Times Awards 2021.

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To all our SQAs and QAs

We would just like to take the time to say thank you to all our SQAs and QAs. In these difficult times our NHS needs your excellence and enthusiasm more than ever. We are proud to know that you will all be supporting your colleagues, trusts and universities with your leadership skills and positive attitudes.

Please know that although we are working remotely we are still available via email and are still ready to take any enquires that may come up.

In the present climate we are unable to organise any face-to-face development days, however there are plans for online information sessions and project support forums.

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that we have had to work differently as individuals and organisationally. Please share any new ideas and initiatives that have worked well – we want to hear all about these!

Let’s spread the SQA message far and wide!



About the Student Quality Ambassador project

The aims of the Student Quality Ambassador project are as ambitious as they are simple. We aim to take the most innovative and motivated healthcare and social work students from across all healthcare disciplines and North West universities and provide them with the opportunity and support to role model and positively affect the quality of health and social care.

The numerous quality challenges completed, and SQA care innovations developed, have not only had a massive impact on service user and provider experience, but also fostered the development of personal leadership qualities and innovative thinking required from the healthcare and social work leaders of the future.

We achieve our aim by:

  • Sharing best practice and contributing to innovation
  • Triangulating findings from quality measurement tools such as the Open and Honest Care reporting and Friends and Family tests which will assist to drive improvements in care
  • Forming a region-wide collaboration of HEIs and Service Providers to develop initiatives focused on promoting care and compassion within the healthcare and social sector
  • Showcasing student innovation projects within Trusts and developing an internet site where students can share their best practice across the region

What is the role of a Student Quality Ambassador (SQA) member?

The SQAs have been involved in a variety of projects to enhance patient care and service delivery.

The SQAs provide active student representation in local, national and regional projects which impact directly on student experience. An example of this is the HEE-funded ‘Enabling Effective Learning Environments’ workstream, within which SQAs have been central in shaping future educational standards and strategies. This work also includes piloting new, innovative placement opportunities.

There is also the opportunity to develop your own ideas from what inspires you.

Our members:

Undertake practice based learning and feel empowered to champion and highlight good practice

Challenge areas of practice requiring development

Are supported and empowered to explore their role in healthcare leadership, representing the student voice whilst participating in strategic decision-making

Work alongside and liaise between practice areas, PEFs, HEIs, students, service users/patients and carers, other professionals

As a Student Quality Ambassador you should have a desire to champion good practice and enhance the quality of patient care and service user experience

Become a Student Quality Ambassador

The Student Quality Ambassador Initiative is open to all healthcare students in the North West of England and you can apply online today.

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Get in touch

Please note that this project is currently only open to healthcare and social work students within the North West of England.

However, our future aim is that the project is rolled out nationally – For further information about the SQA role and how you can involve your students or organisation please contact SQA Admin at [email protected]